Our Vision & Mission

VISION – BAP is a proactive professional planning organization committed to assuring social justice and promoting sustainability in the natural and built environment.
MISSION – To address relevant planning and development issues in Belize by working in partnership with the public and private sector and civil society organizations, and the people of Belize through research, education, advocacy and action.

Our Goals

Goal 1

To create, increase and sustain awareness of the need and importance of integrating and applying principles of good governance and sustainable development in decision-making.

Goal 2

To advance the practice of planning in all its aspects and to promote and ensure high standards of professional competence and conduct in the practice of the profession.

Goal 3

To position BAP as a credible national resource and reference center and advocate on good governance, sustainable development and human settlement issues and reporting on human settlement patterns, conditions and trends; and

Goal 4

To build and sustain strong working partnerships and coalitions with government and NGO’s nationally, regionally and internationally, with similar objects.

How We Are Governed

The Board of Directors (BOD) of BAP is elected by the AGM to serve a two year term. The BOD meets in quarterly sessions to review progress performance of BAP and adapt and align to new and emerging issues and trends relevant to the planning profession and the work of BAP, and to make decisions as is necessary accordingly.

1. The Association, for the purpose of registration, is declared to consist of ten members.

2. The directors hereinafter mentioned may, whenever the business of the Association requires it, register an increase of members, such members satisfying the criteria for membership as approved by a resolution …


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1. The name of the Company is the BELIZE ASSOCIATION OF PLANNERS.

2. The registered office of the ASSOCIATION  will be situate in Belize at #8 Alexandria St, Belize City, Belize.

3. The objects for which the Association  is established are:


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Our Partners

Our partners are important to us and to our success. As we champion sustainable communities, we continue to engender and sustain partnerships nationally, with ministries, municipal governments and other non-state organizations and the people of Belize, and regionally and globally, resulting in membership, accreditation and/or working relationships.

Some of our partners are the Belize Coalition of Service Providers (BCSP), the Caribbean Association of Planners (CPA), the Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP), Caribbean Network for Urban Land Management (CNULM), the United Nations Sustainable Development Network (UNSDN), the World Bank Civil Society Group, OAK Foundation and Vancouver Island University (VIU) to name a few.

Through these partnerships, we have influenced policy, shared our work, accessed some financial and knowledge product resources, learnt from the best practice of others, and empowered people with knowledge on governance, sustainable development, climate change and human settlement issues, concerns and challenges, to name a few.

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Commonwealth Planners

Our Team

The Board of Directors (BOD) of BAP is elected by the AGM to serve a two year term.

Carolyn Trench-Sandiford

President and Executive Director

She is an expert in the field of Planning and Environmental Law, a Co-Convener…

Malikah Cardona


Malikah is an authority in the field of Physical Planning and is the go-to person…

Keisha Rodriguez

Director - Communications, Outreach and Networking

Kiesha is the youngest member of our Board with responsibility …

Carren Willliams

Director - Professional Development

Until 2014, Carren was the Principal Information Officer with responsibility for project…