A virus infected our website, and our immediate response was to salvage the data and begin to re-construct it with the same.

However, this initial response metamorphosed into a conversation and rethinking of the best use of the website, in consideration of increased interest in BAP as a valued stakeholder in the national, regional and global discourse in bringing about sustainable human settlements, and as a result of a board decision to align our mandate of assuring social justice in the natural and built environment to Sustainable Development Goal 11 – ‘Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.’

This shaped our redesigning parameters in three ways:

Firstly, to position our website as the most important information resource and focal point available to provide updated and real time information on our work as a champion of sustainable communities, in an easily accessible and enjoyable way, with links to social media sites to reach a widespread and diverse audience.

Secondly, to ensure the website can facilitate growth and have the ability to adapt to the changing needs
and expectations of a growing BAP, and also to be an interactive mode of engagement between our members, and between us and existing and potential partners and stakeholders.

Finally, for the website to be a portal for knowledge building and research and for career and professional development, and to function as a platform for discussion and networking between our members and partners and stakeholders in an increasingly complex and ever-changing communications and stakeholder environment.

Let us know what you think?

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